Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My Favorite Photo Books of 2010

Here is a selection of My Favorite Photo Books of 2010 :

My Grandma was a Turtle - Cuny Janssen

The Family – 2002 to 2009 - Stefan Bladh

The Second Pass – Ed Templeton

The Sound of Two Songs – Mark Power

Infidel – Tim Hetherington

The Flesh and the Spirit – Sally Mann

Everybody Knows this is Nowhere – Ryan McGinley

The Black Eye – Michal Chelbin

Amwell Continuum – Raymond Meeks

War is Personal – Eugene Richardson

Outside Inside – Bruce Davidson

On This Earth, A Shadow Falls - Nick Brandt

Family - Chris Verene

Shoshone Falls - Thomas Joshua Cooper

Amami – Cuny Janssen

Quebec - Anonymous

And there were many, many other books that were just exquisite.... and just too, too many to list.

Frankly, I was fortunate enough to add each of these books to my collection, and I will treasure them.

Sometime the best way to Favorite an artist or a book is to invest in them, and to share them with your friends.

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